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Lab Coordinator / Research Assistant

Research areas: Human learning and memory, brain networks, computational neuroscience

The Lab Coordinator is responsible for managing and implementing the research activities of the lab. This position is designed as preparation for graduate school. Thus, a large portion of the job is research, along with some administrative tasks. Duties may include: 1) behavioral and fMRI testing of human subjects, 2) experiment design, programming, troubleshooting, and record-keeping, 3) analyses of behavioral and brain data under the guidance of the PI, 4) scheduling and other organizational matters for the lab group.

Requirements: Strong programming skills (MATLAB, Python, or R); bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, or a related field.

Helpful: Previous research experience in a psych or neuro lab.

A start date in the range of May to September 2019 is preferred.

Previously this position was joint between two labs (Janice Chen and Christopher Honey). The new position could be individual or joint, subject to discussion and the preference of the applicant.

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Janice Chen

Christopher Honey

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