Award Programs

WiCS Leadership Awards 2022

The WiCS Leadership Team are excited to announce the winners of the WiCS Leadership Awards 2022. Please join them in congratulating the 2022 recipients:

  • Leadership Award Winner 2022: Sarah Brown-Schmidt , Vanderbilt University
  • Leadership Award Winner 2022: Jean E. Fox Tree, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Leadership Award Winner 2022: Evie Vergauwe, University of Geneva
  • Emerging Leader Award Winner 2022: Leor Zmigrod, University of Cambridge
  • Honorary Leadership Award Winner 2022: Alan Hartley, Scripps College

  • WiCS 2021 Awards

    The Networking Awards for Junior Scientists encourages graduate students, postdocs, and assistant professors to engage in networking activities at the upcoming Psychonomics Society Meeting that will develop collaborative or mentoring relationships. (More information can be found in the Call for Applications)

    The WiCS Leadership Team and Lisa Fazio (networking award committee member) are excited to announce the winners of the 2021 Junior Researcher Networking Award. Please join them in congratulating the 2021 recipients:

    • Dahwi Ahn, Iowa State University
    • Caro Hautekiet, University of Geneva
    • Mane Kara-Yakoubian, Ryerson University
    • Nayantara Kurpad, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
    • Laura Morett, University of Alabama
    • Lauren Salig, University of Maryland
    • Beatrice Valentini, University of Geneva
    • Cristina D. Zepeda, Washington University