Multiple Program Director Positions at NSF

The NSF’s Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) is hiring several rotator program officers, for the Linguistics Program, the Perception, Action, and Cognition (PAC) Program, Developmental Sciences, and Social Psychology. In fact, there are two language scientist openings, one for the Linguistics Program and one, a Language Development focus, for the Developmental Sciences program.

The official job ad and application information is here>>.

Rotator positions are great opportunities for faculty and other (typically more senior) scientists to play an important role at NSF and for their disciplines. There are different mechanisms with somewhat different details, but rotators typically take a leave from their regular faculty positions for 1-3 years to take on a scientific leadership role for a program or programs at NSF. Click here>> for more information about NSF rotator positions.

Applications for all of these BCS openings are currently being accepted until January 10th. Interested applicants can reach out to Tyler Kendall ([email protected]) in Linguistics, Peter Vishton ([email protected]) in DS, Betty Tuller ([email protected]) in PAC, and/or Steve Breckler ([email protected]) in Social Psychology with questions.