Program director position at NSF

Posted 11.24.20

Interested in serving as a Program Director at NSF? The NSF is looking for a Linguistics Program Director – details at:

The position is as a “rotator” – you spend 1-3 or more years at NSF, on loan from your university (about half of the NSF Program Directors are rotators). More information on being a Program Director can be found at

NSF supports continuation of a Program Director’s research activity and allows time for independent research and development, on a limited basis (up to 20% of your time) and, in normal times, some travel funds. Right now, we’re mostly teleworking but the future is uncertain.

If you are interested, please apply! Working at NSF is really interesting experience and a chance to help your discipline. It also greatly improves your future grant proposals…. Feel free to pass this on if someone you know might be interested and please re-post widely!

For more information, contact Tyler Kendall ([email protected]).