Networking Hubs

Networking Hubs Vision and Goals

The WICS Networking Hubs encourage short-term and long-term connections among members of the WiCS community. The hubs allow for networking opportunities aligned with varied professional goals, within and across career stages, and on time scales that fit the flow of research and the academic year. The links below connect to documents that can be adapted to serve the developing needs of the community of scholars involved in each hub. The hubs are loosely defined around a broad research topic or approach in the field of cognitive science. Each hub is supported by a lightly-curated, shared database that individual researchers may populate with their contact information, research topics, and networking interests and availability. WiCS may occasionally support hub activities through hosting and promoting synchronous events; however, the primary intent is for these documents to serve as a point of contact for individual users with specific needs or offerings.


  • Build inclusive networks of researchers across career stages within topical areas to support scientific collaborations
  • Facilitate member-led opportunities to share research and seek mentoring
  • Promote the visibility of women through facilitating speaker invitations, review requests, and other opportunities for recognition

WiCS Networking Hubs

*WiCS is happy to affiliate with this standing group, organized by Julie Bugg and Tobias Egner. The mission statement for Women in Control.

WiCS Networking Hubs are intended for use by the research community to support and promote the careers of women in cognitive science. Individuals are encouraged to reach out to other members of the group for networking. Considerate use of the contact information is expected.